13 Stylish DIY Updates for Your Leggings


Leggings are pretty much the best thing ever invented. We love wearing our leggings as pants, because nothing is more comfortable! Sometimes, though, wearing all black every single day can get boring. So when your leggings rip (it’s inevitable, tbh) or when you get sick of being unable to differentiate between pairs, it’s time to think about spicing your leggings up. Don’t throw out the leggings that you’re bored of—just get crafty with them! 

1. Sequin patches

A Pair and a Spare shows you how to add sequin patches to your sweater, but these could easily add knee patch glam to your leggings, too.

2. Bleach stamps

This easy trick from Brit + Co. uses something you surely have lying around your house to stamp a fresh print on your plain leggings. 

3. Slashed 

Add a rebel touch to your leggings and show off some skin with this Sprinkles in Springs project.

4. Heart patches

Prove just how much you love leggings with an easy heart knee-patch update from Cut Out and Keep.

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5. Grommets

Corset leggings? Trash to Couture makes edgy look oh so chic! 

6. Ombre


Thank God It’s Natural shows you how to look like you just stepped out of a Kylie Jenner Snapchat.

7. Skeleton

Skeleton leggings are for more than just Halloweekend. Instead of paying for the overpriced seasonal ones, make your own skeleton leggings with this tutorial from Craftster.

8. Christmas lights

Get in the holiday spirit with Studio DIY. These Christmas light leggings are way better than an ugly sweater!

9. Suspenders

We’ll admit we often embrace our nerdy side, making these suspender-inspired leggings from Boat People Vintage the perfect fit.

10. Galaxy

Create your own galaxy leggings with an out-of-this-world tutorial from Vintage Edge.

11. Painted

Pretty Life Girls uses—you guessed it—paint to jazz up any pair of leggings! We love this easy idea, and you can do any pattern or print you want. 

12. Chevron patches

The Band Wife Blog knows just how to incorporate a trendy chevron pattern into your ever-growing arsenal of leggings.

13. Foil stars

Let everyone know you’re a shining star with this gold foil tutorial from Brit+Co.

What’s your favorite way to spice up your leggings, collegiettes?