22 margarita desserts that just might be better than a cocktail


Sure, you might need a few extra minutes at the gym, but that sure beats risking tequila-induced amnesia and having to use one of your sick days the morning after. From frozen treats to cakes, cookies, edible shots and more, there’s a treat for everyone here.

1. Strawberry margarita cocktail ice pops

strawberry marg popsicles
Image: SheKnows

These fruity ice pops are made with fresh strawberries and oranges and have just a hint of tequila and triple sec for that authentic margarita flavor.

2. Mango margarita ice pops

mango margarita pops
Image: SheKnows

Tropical mango and tart lime are the perfect pair in these boozy ice pops kissed with just a taste of tequila and, of course, salt.

3. Frozen margarita pie bars

frozen margarita pie bars
Image: Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

A graham cracker crust is the base for this ultra-creamy frozen dessert made super easy thanks to frozen margarita concentrate.

4. Strawberry margarita squares

strawberry margarita squares
Image: Steak N Potatoes Kinda Gurl

Strawberries and lime give this refreshing dessert a kick, while a crushed pretzel crust gives it the salty tang margarita lovers crave.

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5. Margarita ice cream

margarita ice cream
Image: The Gallery Gourmet

What’s even better than a frozen margarita? Margarita ice cream, of course.

6. Margarita ice cream sandwiches

margarita ice cream sandwiches
Image: Home Is Where the Boat Is

Crunchy lime cookies are sandwiched with creamy lime sherbet, making for the ultimate dessert margarita.

7. Margarita pie

key lime margarita pie
Image: Love from the Oven

Salty pretzels are back to bring this fluffy, frozen margarita pie to the top of its class.

8. Margarita gummy shots

margarita gummy shots
Image: SheKnows

Tequila-soaked gummy Life Savers have these shots doing double duty: half drink, half dessert.

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9. Tequila lime pie shooters

tequila pie shooters
Image: SheKnows

These creamy dessert shots are spiked with just enough lime, tequila and triple sec to taste like real margaritas, with none of the consequences the next morning.

10. Margarita frosting shots

margarita frosting shots
Image: Keep It Sweet Desserts

When it comes to dessert, we all know the frosting is the best part. Luckily these sweet treats cut out the middleman, leaving you with a creamy, lime-spiked burst of flavor you won’t soon forget.

11. Boozy margarita cupcakes

boozy margarita cupcakes
Image: The Slow Roasted Italian

These margarita cupcakes, laced with tequila and decorated with a confetti of lime and orange zest, are just as festive as the real thing.

12. Strawberry margarita cupcakes

strawberry margarita cupcakes
Image: A Helicopter Mom

Who knew cupcakes could be so cute? Pink frosting and lime green accents make these strawberry margarita cupcakes the perfect addition to your snack spread, be it for a bridal shower, birthday party or lazy Saturday night.


13. Margarita macaroons

margarita macaroons
Image: Cooking with Ruthie

Lime and coconut are a perfect flavor pair — heck, there’s even a song about it. These pillowy coconut-lime macaroons are no exception. The second you take your first bite, you’ll know they were meant to be.

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14. Margarita bars

margarita bars
Image: The Baker Chick

Lemon bars are so old-fashioned. Add lime and tequila to the mix, and suddenly you’ve got a whole new dessert that will keep your party going long after you take your last bite.

15. Key lime margarita cheesecake cake

key lime margarita cheesecake cake
Image: Wicked Good Kitchen

It’s a cake. No, it’s cheesecake. Wait — it’s a margarita. Or… is it all of the above? This amazing franken-cake will satisfy your sweet tooth — again and again and again.

16. Margarita cookies with salty-sweet tequila glaze

margarita cookies with sweet and salty glaze
Image: Love from the Oven

Buttery, lime-infused cookies with a sweet-and-salty tequila glaze give you all the fun of a margarita with none of the bad decision making later in the night.

17. Strawberry margarita Bundt cake

strawberry margarita bundt cake
Image: What’s Cooking, Love?

This charming pink cake is full of margarita flavor — and no one will guess it was made with boxed cake mix.

18. Strawberry and lime margarita cheesecake trifle

strawberry margarita cheesecake trifle
Image: Tomayto Tomahto

Um, this dessert is basically all the desserts (plus a cocktail) in one. Not for the faint of heart.

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19. Lemon margarita cookies

lemon margarita cookies
Image: Une Gamine dans la Cuisine

Sick of lime? Don’t worry, margarita-laden goodies are still within reach thanks to lemon.

20. Margarita cake ball truffles

margarita cake ball truffles
Image: The Kitchen Is My Playground

There’s no denying that margarita cupcakes are delicious, but when you add margarita buttercream frosting and dip them in white chocolate, you get a dessert that goes beyond anything you could have imagined.

21. Baked margarita doughnuts

baked margarita donuts
Image: Margaritas in the Rain

The best part about edible margaritas is that you can have them for breakfast, and no one can judge you.

22. Tequila lime coconut fudge

tequila lime coconut fudge
Image: The Sweet Chick

This tequila-infused fudge won’t give you a hangover, though the sugar crash (After you can’t. Stop. Eating.) could be pretty brutal. But I’d say these little morsels are well worth the risk.

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