23 microwaveable mug meals: Easy and pretty darn fancy, TBH


If there’s one thing better than eating your favorite meal, it’s eating that meal prepared “quick and easy” in an adorable mug. We already know that mugs are the dirty little secret to whipping up microwaved desserts like brownies. But take a closer look, and you’ll discover a whole new culinary world just waiting for you to set the timer on you microwave.

It’s not lazy — it’s efficient. From pancakes to prawns, chilaquiles to chicken potpie, your on-the-go noshing just got a whole lot more baller:


1. Gluten-free bread in a mug recipe

gluten free microwave bread
Image: Oh Sweet Mercy

Who has time for making homemade bread? Thanks to your microwave and mug, now you do!

2. 2-minute French toast in a cup recipe

microwave mug french toast
Image: Pretty Prudent

Forget oatmeal — this French toast is just as quick and easy to make, but your morning will feel way more decadent.

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3. Cinnamon roll in a mug recipe

Cinnamon roll in a mug
Image: Cooking Classy

Dense and gooey and pretty darn addicting, this cinnamon roll in a mug is exactly what you would expect from a breakfast confection fresh out of the oven microwave.

4. German pancakes in a mug recipe

german pancak in a mug
Image: Jaymay Life Lessons

Treat yourself to this light, fluffy, German pancake, and you’ll be starting your morning right.

5. Vegan tofu scramble recipe

Vegan tofu scramble
Image: Peta

Mug breakfasts don’t have to center on eggs! This vegan tofu scramble is a hearty morning meal for those abstaining from meat and dairy.

6. Coffee cup chilaquiles recipe

coffee cupe chilaquiles
Image: Hot Dinner Happy Home

There’s no need to drag yourself out of bed in search of the perfect hangover brunch. These chilaquiles will make it all better, and you won’t even have to put on pants.

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7. Quiche in a mug

Quiche in a mug
Image: Full-Thyme Student

For those times when you want to look real fancy without even trying, this super-easy microwavaeble quiche for one will do the trick.

8. ‘Baked’ oatmeal in a mug recipe

Baked oatmeal in a mug
Image: Food & Whine

When the weather outside is frightful (or when the air conditioner is on too high), this hearty and healthy baked oatmeal in a mug will give you something worth waking up to.


9. Bacon plus kale plus mushroom risotto recipe

bacon kale and mushroom risotto
Image: Brit + Co

Make it in a ramekin, make it in a mug — either way, this microwaved risotto will seriously satisfy.

10. Prawns with melted fennel recipe

microwaved prawns in a mug
Image: Student Beans

Be honest: This microwaved prawn mug is fancier than most food you normally cook on a stovetop, isn’t it?

11. Italian meatball stew recipe

meatball stew
Image: From Val’s Kitchen

Sometimes you just want comfort food, and this hearty meatball stew, made in your favorite mug, delivers.

12. Low-carb, gluten-free lasagna in a mug recipe

low carb lasagna in a mug
Image: Ginny’s Low Carb Kitchen


Lasagna doesn’t have to be a laborious gut-bomb of a meal. Just a few minutes in a mug, and this low-carb version is yours.

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13. Spicy pumpkin meatloaf in a mug recipe

spicy pumpkin meatloaf
Image: Low-Carb, So Simple!

Pumpkin spice isn’t just for coffee. Here it makes a unique mug meatloaf that really stands out from the crowd.

14. Kamut flour pizza mug cake recipe

kamut flour pizza mug
Image: Fitness Treats

Easy, healthy pizza? Heck yeah, thanks to kamut flour and your trusty mug.

15. Pizza in a mug recipe

Pizza in a mug
Image: Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

Consider this the guilty pleasure version of the healthy pizza above, but a professional chef finally figured out how to bake pizza in the microwave — without making “microwaved pizza.”

16. 1-minute Parmesan and cheddar mug cake recipe

parmesan and cheddar mug cake
Image: Lowcarb Ella

You’ll feel oh so fancy as you nibble your Parmesan and cheddar mug cake. Pop open a bottle of wine while it’s in the microwave, and you’re really in business.

17. Healthy microwaved mug soup recipe

healthy microwaved mug soup
Image: Mirlandra’s Kitchen

Healthy veggies, warm broth and a delicious poached egg make this easy microwaved soup a truly next-level office lunch.

18. Egg fried rice in a mug recipe

egg fried rice in a mug
Image: Healthy Nibbles and Bits

Forget takeout. You can have eggy fried rice, piping hot and studded with veggies, for a fraction of the waiting time and cost.

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19. Spiced lentils with yogurt, almonds and mint recipe

microwaved spiced lentils with yogurt in a mug
Image: Power Hungry

This elegant vegetarian mug meal is full of protein thanks to lentils, yogurt and almonds.

20. Thanksgiving leftovers mug recipe

thanksgiving mug meal
Image: Hungry Girl

If you find yourself craving the hodgepodge flavors of Thanksgiving (minus the hours it takes to cook) year-round, then this mug meal, featuring stuffing, gravy, cranberries and turkey, is for you.

21. Brown rice with edamame and pineapple recipe

brown rice with edamame and pineapple
Image: Home Cooking Memories

Protein-packed and full of flavor, this brown rice mug is definitely a step above Easy Mac.

22. Chicken potpie in a mug recipe

Image: Jackie Alpers Photography

A tiny, flaky, microwaveable chicken potpie that you can make from precooked rotisserie chicken? Yes, please!

23. Creamy macaroni and cheese in a mug recipe

Macaroni in a mug
Image: Brandy O’Neill/SheKnows

An old favorite. For those times when even making boxed macaroni seems like a chore, this almost-instant “easy mac” is a work of genius.

Originally published March 2015. Updated July 2016.

mug meals
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