Question: LED Headlight conversion. And aftermarket projectors?

I recently swapped my halogen bulbs to LED in a reflector housing.
The beam pattern when compared to my old halogens lighted the wall bit higher when comparing side by side.

I don’t want any excessive glare for oncoming traffic and I have one pair of aftermarket projectors. Waiting for second to come in.


Would using black plastidip on the top section of the headlights acting as an eyelid work to cut out the excessive glare on top?? Until my second set of projectors come in
My high and low beams are both seperate bulbs.

And with installing projectors. Its the bi-xenon type which has both low and high beams. Would I need to use the wires that open and close the highbeam shutters? Since my low and highs are seperate??

Question: Do truck drivers from large companies have their own truck, or do they change trucks?

Say for example, I am a truck driver for McDonalds, and I drive a truck with all the McDonalds logos and images painted on it, would I be assigned one specific truck, or would I just show up to work and they shove me in the first truck that’s there? If the former, what happens if I quit?

Question: How and where do you go to learn to pull a van if you dont have one?

was wondering to learn or relarn to tow a van how youd go about it or even a large preferably enclosed trailer when your own cars not currently upto it, where can you go that provide cars is there proper places you can go to that dont cost alot.

usually the e series/au/ba fords never give much trouble theyre great cars even high mileage ones if you look after them they look after you as there great cars but there are people that have some that need some repairs and they may not be able to afford it all at once and have to start with repairs that need doing first then go through list and may not be able to tow much until there all done

what size radiators are yous using theres std 2 row 26mm or hd 2 row 32mm or a 3 row 38mm for some models too? what size transmission coolers do yous use and can you have twin oil coolers if you bypass radiator