Question: How do I stop my Blaupunkt Car Amplifier From rawring? (amp with a built in sub)?

I have got myself an amp and every time i turn my car on, the amp will rawr really loud for about 4 seconds.Itll also happen sometimes randomly when im driving and when i turn the car off. it still does it even if i have the radio turned all the way down.


any ideas?

thanks in advance!

Question: Nissan Navara d22 2003 cranks too long before it starts?

My Nissan navara cranks too long before it starts, takes around 10sec before it starts going, but then after that it’ll start fine for the rest of the day. But when I leave it over night and try turning it on the next day it does the same thing over again? I’m notvery good when it comes to mechanics but what could be the problem? It has brand new batteries so that shouldn’t be the problem. Please help.