Question: How to get Distance From Two Points in Physical World?

Picture yourself looking down on the picture. What technologies are out there that could help me find the distance from points x,y,z (markers) to the soldier (in feet or meters) giving me the ability to triangulate his position in relation to the battlefield (square)? GPS can not be involved. Thanks! I should have been more specific… I’m trying to do this in real time, so unfortunately no tape measures etc.

Question: Anyone from Portugal? Please help!?

I need to interview someone from Portugal about culture. If anyone is willing, please let me know! It is for a country report in school. Send me a PM if you would like. I will also post the questions below. Thank you so much!!

1. What is your favorite part of Portuguese culture?

2. What comes to mind when thinking about non-verbal communication in relation to culture? For example, gestures, how words are spoken (fast, loud, etc.), eye contact (is it respectful to maintain direct eye contact) and/or time management (relaxed attitude towards time v. never being late).


3. What are the top five values and attitudes of people in this culture?

4. How big of a role does religion play in the majority of people’s lives in Portugal?

5. Are you/people who live in Portugal superstitious?

6. How do you celebrate Portuguese Holidays?

7. What is a typical way to greet a friend?

8. What is typical gift giving and dining etiquette in Portugal?

9. Anything else you would like to add about culture in Portugal?

Question: E2020 not letting me do next lesson!?

Ok, I’m a junior in high school and took Algebra 1 on e2020 this year because apparently when I took it back in junior high school the credit didn’t transfer. So they put me online which was a mistake. I ran out of retakes on a lesson and it just says didn’t pass but they won’t let me move to the next lesson, I’ve been stuck on this for days and the trimester is over this week!! I go to the library 2nd period for the class so its like I don’t have a teacher to ask for help plz help *p.s where can I find the answers to this! I have to be done this week and have so many more lessons and the exam! I’m doomed!*