Question: Planning on enrolling in the Diploma Programme (IB) but behind in Spanish?


I’m in 9th grade and I’m planning on taking the Diploma Programme in 11th and 12th grade to graduate with an IB Diploma. I’m on track with all my courses but Spanish. By the time I enter 11th grade to start the DP, I have to have completed Spanish III. I’m only in Spanish I this year, so I will be doing Spanish II next year which leaves me a full year behind. How can I make up a full year of Spanish? I’m very stressed about this. Anyone familiar with the IB Programme? Thanks for your help

Question: How can i deal with mean teachers in my dorm?

I am a high school international student living in a dorm. The two teachers in our dorm are so mean to us, especially me. Last time I was trying to help counting people in the van so i told the teacher that we have 11, but she ignored me. I repeated and she turned around and told me to be quiet. Later that day, she make me to her office and told me that i was being unrespectful. This is not the first time she said so and I just wonder why is she this mean to me.

Question: Should i drop out and repeat 8th grade?

So I’m 14 years old and I’m in 8th grade and during the school year of 2014-2015 i dropped out when it was the 2nd semester out because I couldn’t handle the English class and i’m really bad at it but I still had really good grades like all my subjects were all 85 – 93 except for my P.E because I am not very athletic and have a weak body so after i dropped out 3-4 months later i started going to an Online school ( K-12 ) and I finished all my subject except for English, History , and Science (I’m halfway done with science.) and now I have less than 4 days to complete all of them before the report cards will be finalized but I know i can still finish the all three of them with the time i have( If i go into my study focus mode where i study for 24+ hours) yes i can do that! and for a fact I did the whole entire year math lesson for only 3 days so i was wondering should i give up or just go for it and finish all my OLS for less than 4 days which i could really do!

Question: Ideas for a creative oral presentation.?

I’m doing an individual oral presentation for the book The Great Gatsby and I need help coming up with a creative way to present it. I’m doing my presentation on how different colors in the book create symbolism. For example: yellow and gold symbolize money and death, white symbolizes innocence and femininity, green symbolizes life, vitality, hope, and future. My presentation has to be 7-10 minutes long. I want a cool way to present this and I want it to be memorable too.

Question: I don’t want to go to my high school graduation?

hi i’am 18 and really don’t want to go to my high school graduation. the reason is cause i have axciety, OCD. i get very VERY nervous and uncomfortable and will start to to kind of shake and exc. my parents knowing i have this problem are making me go though to the unwillingness for me too go. my mom thinks im not going cause of some of my friends are not going. she thinks IM mimicking them. though im not. i just can’t do this it’s going to be way to hard for me. they made me go to my middle school graduation and i remember myself very very uncomfortable i felt like i just wanted to run off the stage and my seat and just run out of the gym. even though i told them back then there still making me go. they say they care about me though there making me go to something i can’t handle I JUST CAN’T. all those people looking at me and then everybody just a area full of people with hardly any room. i did go to prom though it’s a big difference from graduation t prom. prom wasn’t filled with too many people as compared to graduation plus people weren’t stareing at me and wasn’t full as hell. I was comfortable at prom cause i was laughing and having a good time i was fine though i just can’t handle a graduation it’s just too much i can’t even tell my dad cause he gets mad too much and i can’t even say a fu***** word about how i feel because right away he’s like “i don’t care your going” though he DOES NOT UNDERSTAND. if i don’t go he is going to take everything in my room away basically after that i’ll have an empty room with nothing for me but that’s not the point my dad gets mad way too much i really right now don’t know what too do because they just get too upset at me if i say something. i just can’t i wish they would spend one day in my body and see how i feel but they can’t. it’s like they want everything their way even though they know i can’t do it i just want them to understand ):