Question: UC Irvine Waitlist.?

So I was wait listed for UC Irvine. In order to be included on the wait list, you have to sign a statement of intent by May 15th. I signed it, but I really just want to know if I get accepted, but not sure if I want to go there. My question is will there be any issues if I don’t withdraw my statement of intent?


Question: Do I still have a good chance in finishing school even though I didn’t try my best, I realized now that you need a degree everywhere you go.?

I feel so discouraged and I have so much aspiration and dreams in front of me to complete. But my freshman year I goofed around and now I know what I need to do. I want to go to school for medicine and I’m more focused and determined now.

Question: Brown makes a 10% profit on a $200 investment, Jones makes 5% profit on a $200 investment, and Smith makes a 15% profit on a $400 investment. what is the average (arithmetic mean) value of the profits made by Brown, Smith, and Jones?


Question: Essay Help???

In 300 words or less, please state why you are interested in attending. What do you expect to learn/receive from this experience? What do you find appealing about the field?
I am interested in attending Camp Neuro because it deals with the line of work that I am interested in. In the future, I would like to become an expert in the brain field, especially in neurosurgery, and I think that getting the experience now would benefit me greatly in my interest of this field. I expect to learn a great deal of information of the brain from experts in the field and I intend to retain this information and use it in the future for my career of being a neurosurgeon. I find the field of healthcare so appealing because I like to help people with their health problems. I like the prospect of opening a person’s skull to remove something from the brain or change it in a way that you cannot do with regular therapeutic sessions. I have always been interested in this field of work and have always wanted to be a surgeon. I have always wanted to deal with the brain and have not wanted to do anything else than be a neurosurgeon. Although I do realize that it may take a while to start to work in the field as a doctor and that it may be a difficult path to take, I intend to try my hardest to achieve my goal and to live successfully with it and help people with my skills with the brain. I am not begging to be accepted, I am just trying my hardest to do extra-curricular activities that peak my interest.

Question: Should teachers be able to acquire a fire arm in schools around the United States?

Please answer these questions which will be included in my 10 page senior project. Thanks.
#1: Should teachers be able to obtain a fire arm in schools around the country? Why or Why not?

#2: Do you think its necessary due to all the school shootings that have taken place?


#3: Can it stop future school shootings?

#4: Will you feel safe letting your children go to school knowing teachers have a weapon?

#5: If you were a teacher and you were required to have a fire arm in school, how would you feel?

Any further comments?