Question: Do liberals ever have a logical argument?


Look at this question I asked, then look at the first few answers:

This is typical of the crazy libtard. They have no logic at all, so they just use character assassination, validate each other’s stupidity, then move on feeling like they’ve won the argument.

Question: I have four math questions, and am really stuck. Any help would be greatly appreciated. THANKS?

Q1) Describe the sensitivity to change of the function f(x)=3x-45

Q2) An objects distance from a starting point is modeled by the function f(x)=x^2 where x is hours and f(x) is miles. What is velocity of the object at a time of 3 hours?


Q3) If the velocity of an object is described by the function v(t)=t^5-7t^2, what is the acceleration function?

Q4) If the function x(t)=-t^2+6t describes the position of a particle along a horizontal line, in what direction is the object moving at t=8?

Question: Need advice for college!!!?

I’m not new to college and I have completed a two year degree in Criminal Justice at my local Communtiy college. I’m in a dilemma because I do not want to become a police officer anymore and I very interested in getting my bachelors. What I wanna know is does the degree I already have hurt me in regards to changing majors. Secondly what are some good majors that I can study and finish within the 2 year time frame!!! Please any other advice, suggestions or help will be greatly appreciated. I am 24 years old and I don’t want to waste any more time Please and thank you.

Question: Bothering me good or just Bothering me word?

I wanted to know what’s the proper word to use for this kind of situation. I kinda like use “Intimidating” but I have looked that up and It was not even close to what I want to say. It means scary of something.

But here, Let’s say I want to say the following:

He’s so hot. He’s so “intimidating”


“He’s so “intimidating”, whenever I see him.

I am like bothered or insecure about the subject or curious about the subject, and I know “Intimidating” is not the right word so what word is the best fit for this?


For example again. She/He’s really “intimidating”, *fantasies* Ugh, so good to think about him/her.

Complicated but did you get me?

Question: What does "Undergraduate Admission" mean? Can someone explain this?

Doesnt Undergraduate mean someone who has not graduated? So why are they asking for a Bachelor Degree?! Can someone explain what they mean by this? Meanwhile Graduate tab seems a lot simple but hats for graduates right? I’m confuse. I’ve only graduated high school and that’s about it for my education. Can you break it down in simple terms? Is it possible for me to join this? Here’s the website That’s* I’m not misunderstanding it, just didn’t word it out right. I know graduation from high school is a different thing. I have only taken a few classes on a community college.
Yeah your right undergraduate means that’s so why do they need a bachelor degree transcript for a undergraduate? Raymond so I don’t need a bachelor’s degree? Just a high school diploma is alright? Oh I get it, so it was considering options…they were all bunched up together so I misunderstood?