Question: Why are colleges and universities so unprofessional? Why do employers still care about college degrees outside STEM?

The entire college atmosphere is very unprofessional. Colleges let students get away with cheating. Their standards have been getting lower over the past few decades. Now a college degree outside STEM is not worth anything anymore.

Question: Has the ‘Revolution in Military Affairs’ contributed to or decreased international security?

Has the ‘Revolution in Military Affairs’ contributed to or decreased international security?

have improvements in technology including communication and surveillance, precision weapons and drones etc increased or decreased security on a global level?


has the wests ability to conduct low cost low risk warfare increased the prevalence of war around the world?

the asymmetrically of warfare and the use of drones perhaps increasing insurgency and hostility to the west?

is the RMA more of a revolution or actually an evolution?

any thoughts / ideas would be appreciated, thanks

Question: How do you see the number of essay pages without footnotes? (Read details)!?

My high school curriculum says my research report needs to be at least 5 pages not including footnotes. My footnotes are all in, and I don’t want to erase them all! I have Microsoft Word 2010! How do you temporarily take away footnotes? Please help as soon as possible! Thanks.

Question: How to stay motivated in Highschool?

So I’m a freshman in highschool overall my grades are going good. It’s just I recently joined tennis. By recently I mean yesterday and I’m extremely tired. It wasn’t even that much but I usually need my nap after school and well practice is 2 hours. I’m tired and I have no motivation. I haven’t been involved in anything. Not a club or any other sport. Tennis is something new for me. How can I get my self together and stuff,