Question: Should heterogeneity supporters give up defending the indefensible?


Heterogeneity supporters have had ages and still failed to give a good explanation how the presence of heterogeneity negates the horrors it brings, let alone provides benefit overall.

Rotherham. (News section. Right-hand side).

There is also disproportionate violent crime committed by blacks. They cannot be taken seriously anymore. They should just concede and accept that homogeneity is far more desirable overall.

Question: Heterogeneity report 16: Do you appreciate the enrichment? (News section. Right-hand side).

Alien drives dangerously in police car park.


Black man says next Doctor should be black. Their tribalism is not condemned.

Question: So, what do you think about Nigel Farage wanting to expell his only MP from UKIP?

He doesn’t like Cars well the turncoat anymore apparently…

Question: This isn’t Nathan, but can you really be arrested for burping?

Nathan said he was going to try and use false credentials to visit the Netherlands, so I was looking for his arrest details.

This isn’t Nathan, but what do you make of this man from Liverpool belching on a plane