Question: What are the rules with companies merging / not merging?


My competitor in my local area asked me and my business partner who are currently in the process of starting up still to merge companies with him. This then turned into him asking us to be a franchisee.
During this time we humoured the idea of merging and went to meet with them.
They told us EVERYTHING. All their suppliers, what prices they can get things for, What their next plans are.

We didn’t sign anything going into this meeting and at best we just said that we were interested in merging with them.

My question is, will we get in trouble if we say we’re no longer interested and start using their suppliers etc? I feel like they’ve just told us all their companies secrets without realizing it.

Me and my colleague are still first year business students at university and our module consists of us starting and running a business.

Question: Bullying at work and inability to get a flat? Should I change landlord?

I was asked to provide references of my last workplace where I had my salary stopped due to bullying. Because the salary was tax free I guess that’s why it was taken.


I was wondering because I never had problems with getting flats before however I’m not sure whether it’s normal that it’s taking so long. Also, they asked me for a lot of documents which is kind of strange.

Question: Why does another manager ask me questions? Will I lose my job?

I’ve been in an ongoing role now as a secretary for 14 months. I’m a temp where they renew my contract. However, one of the managers pulled me to one side and asked me if I’m happy in my current booking. She wanted to know what I think of my surrounds and do I like the dept and how much roughly I get an hour. I don’t want to be permanent and they know that.

Question: I don’t like my job anymore?

I work on a school playground, one hour a day, five days a week and I just do not like it anymore. I’ve been there just over four years and honestly it’s a chore just to get up in the morning and get excited about it.

I’m always coming home with colds, I’ve always got headaches from screaming children and the people I work with have ZERO common sense.

I’ve basically been told I can’t leave my job, and I only got the job because of this group called Enable who help young adults with learning difficulties (I have moderate learning difficulties so it’ll be hard for me to find another job. I didn’t do too well in school because I found it hard to remember everything) I had another job all lined up for me in an office, with a close friend of mine and that was taken from under my feet (It wasn’t much – Four hours a day, three days a week – But I was excited)

What can I do? Thanks in advance

Question: Tax return and expenses is it worth buying the stuff you need before the end of the tax year?

so working out my expenses looked like i be oweing close to 4k in tax and ni next jan and my expenses are about 2k would it be worth buying myself the new equipment and laptop before the end of march even though i be spending more to only bring tax down slightly, trying to save as well so none of this is ideal situation, also do you get taxed on the selling of old equipment ?