Question: Should I give my P45 to my current employer? please read the details.?

I used to have two jobs but I left my first job and now obtain a P45.

Is it obligatory to give my P45 to my current employer or can I give it later.


Also i’m being taxed for my current job but I still wan’t to give it later.

Question: Being a landlord makes you a bigger loser than your tenants that rent from you?

My m8 said that when he was at school his mum used to rent accommodation from people that gave them the key just before the rent and deposit was to go through so she could quickly reverse it. This meant she had a minimum of 2 months to live there rent free before being kicked out, keeping the £600pcm rent from council and sometimes even threatening to sue the landlord for dangerous living conditions. She would then move on to the next victim. The landlord after 2 months would be over £1200 out of pocked but my m8 and his mum would be over £1200 better off. Add benefits his family was over £2000pcm better off than a landlord and they didn t even work. So that makes benefit scroungers the true winners and landlords the losers?!

Question: What sort of career in the music/party/events/clubs/festivals industry could i pursue with a mechanical engineering degree?

so basically i have just graduated with a degree in mech eng, but I don’t want a boring 9 to 5 job sat at a desk punching out numbers all day everyday, I want to be working in a social environment… I would love to help organise festivals, but I dont think i’ve chosen the right degree for it…