Question: Gas and electric: could there be a setting on in my house that’s causing my bills to be so high?

Since my flatmate moved out, it’s been just me here… The energy use has gone down, but my gas and electric bill prices have gone up? Could he of set something on the gas or electric metres, or anything else to make the cost much higher? He was a horrible person, and left bitter because I wouldn’t pay his half of the bills for him, so he could stay at home all day smoking dope and “working” 2 hours a week..



Question: How to fix furniture that s turned yellow from varnish?

Hello, we got a pine bed, sanded it all down, put on a primer, then painted it white using Matt paint. We were then told by a friend to stop the paint Chipping and give it a shine to use varnish, so we ended up using clear satin varnish which has now turned the headframe a slight yellow colour. Is there anyway to quickly and easily fix the bits that have turned yellow? We don t want o re sand the whole bed and start again really as we are without a bed then until it s done.

Thank you!