Question: Alcoholic? Sickness and asking me to buy her alcohol?


My mum won’t admit she has a problem but we think she does, she drinks two bottles of wine every day.this has been going on a few months now. We tell her your drinking too much and too often but she won’t listen and just thinks she’s enjoying herself. Today I guess she ate something bad because she was puking all morning, she’s laying on her sofa to ill to move. It yet asking me to go buy her two bottles of wine!!! I told her no I’m not, and told her she could be being sick because of how much she drinks and told her I am not buying her wine and she’s too ill for wine!!! Was that fair of me to say no?

Question: Non-Smoker nicotine gum: Good idea or bad idea?

Hello Yahoo,

I have issues with concentrating and I’ve been told that nicotine gum can boost concentration. Is this true?


If so, is it a good idea to try the gum? I’ve taken a piece today. However since it was my first time, I noticed the weird/burning affect and assumed it was expired (so I spat out the gum in l less than 6 mins).

Should a non-smoker struggling with concentration issues use the gum, or is dangerous?

This ‘American Horror Story’ Trailer Reveals What Season 6 Is Really About

The sixth season of American Horror Story premiered on Wednesday night, and you loyal viewers might still be scratching your heads in confusion.

A month before the season six premiere, pictures surfaced on TMZ of the rumored set for the new season. That’s when news outlets began to spread speculation that this season would be based in America’s “Lost Colony” of Roanoke.

While the full cast won’t be sporting colonial garb for the entire season, it seems like the rumors were true, and American Horror Story: Roanoke is happening.

In the official trailer for the new season, Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sarah Paulson play real-life event recreators, Matt and Shelby. In the premiere, they started to unfold the story of “My Roanoke Nightmare.”

The new documentary-style season looks like it’s going to give us a history lesson, a killer colonial woman played by Kathy Bates and restless spirits.

It’s unclear whether or not the themes from the teaser will come into play, but Ryan Murphy has tricked us before and he’s likely to do it again. Get ready to be spooked and obsessed this fall.


Seth Rogen sells Vaseline on “Ellen” and we can’t stop laughing

Seth Rogen sells Vaseline on “Ellen” and we can’t stop laughing

Seth Rogen sells Vaseline on “Ellen” and we can’t stop laughing

Seth Rogen stopped by The Ellen DeGeneres Show earlier this week and participated in a game with the host and her audience that still has us laughing.

The Neighbors 2 star played “Pitch, Please” with Ellen, where he had to pitch a product to the audience while only Ellen and the audience were able to see what the product was. Seth Rogen blindly pitching Vaseline had the audience in hysterics, and eventually Ellen couldn’t withhold her laughter either.

LOLing, right?!

The laughs were all for a great cause. Seth and his wife Lauren created Hilarity for Charity in 2012, a foundation that raises money to support awareness about Alzheimer’s Disease, fund research to find a cure, and assist in the home care necessary to care for seniors who have the disease. After Lauren’s mother was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, the couple realized that more of a conversation needed to happen, especially among the younger generation.

Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images

Seth, of course, is well-known for his role in some of the funniest comedies to hit theaters in the last few years. We have a lot of respect for him using comedy to bring people together and raise money for a disease that affects more than five million Americans.

For more on Hilarity for Charity and how to take action, visit the foundation’s official website.

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This video of 400 students serenading a teacher battling cancer is going to break your heart

This video of 400 students serenading a teacher battling cancer is going to break your heart

This video of 400 students serenading a teacher battling cancer is going to break your heart

Much like being a parent, teachers have one of the most thankless jobs in the world (so we hear), so when students go above and beyond to show support for educators on a personal level, it always hits us right in the feels. That’s why we can hardly get through this heartwarming video of 400 students serenading a teacher who’s battling cancer.

Upon learning that Bible and Latin teacher Ben Ellis’ cancer treatments failed to stop the disease from progressing, the entire student body of Nashville’s Christ Presbyterian Academy visited his house to lift his spirits by singing hymns.

The YouTube video of the touching moment shows Ellis and his wife watching from a window.

Afterwards, Ellis expressed gratitude for his students’ outpouring of love.

“Last Wednesday, the entire CPA high school came and sang songs of praise and worship under my bedroom window. It was beautiful and unforgettable,” he wrote. “A video of the worship time has circulated. Since then almost 20 million people have viewed the video online world wide! God has blown the doors off of this prayer request! This is far beyond our wildest, biggest dreams.”

 BRB, we’re in complete emotional shambles.

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Here’s Yet Another Reason to Get Excited for ‘Moana’

The time has finally arrived *drum roll* for an extended peek at Disney’s next animated film, Moana. An official trailer was just released for the movie, starring newcomer Auli’i Cravalho as the Polynesian princess and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson as Maui. Their characters journey together throughout the Pacific Ocean, and a bond inevitably develops between the pair.

The trailer does not disappoint when it comes to creating a fascinating new world and bringing it to life through animation. You really have to see it in its full colorful and textured glory to understand what a visual delight this film is sure to be.

Although we’ll have to wait a couple more months until Moana is released in theaters nationwide, this beautiful trailer has given us yet another reason to get excited about Disney’s newest princess. It seems like November can’t get here soon enough, so in the meantime, we’ll have to watch this nonstop until the release date finally arrives.