Question: How do I teach my stuffy puppy to jump/bounce?


I’ve had him for about 5 months now he’s 6 going on to 7 months and he is a really smart puppy knows about 15-20 tricks, the hardest I have been trying to teach him is jump and he hasn’t shown any signs of doing so, I’m thinking it might be because of his age, I’ve taught him how to stand up tall, maybe he thinks that is what I’m talking about, can some dogs not jump because a plan on teach him more advanced moves, help me. Thanks in regards.

Question: TEENS: Would you smoke a cigarette or two during an open air worship church service in the UK? while joining in songs and prayers?

Like at a park, bandstand etc? my girlfriend does and I have seen others smoking too. And can kids eat or chew gum during the service while joining in songs and prayers

Question: Can vets tell dogs have cancer by just feeling the lumps?

My dog has just been put down today because the vet thinks shes had cancer for months by just feeling the lumps but when i took my dog the first time i noticed a lump she said it was a cyst and even when it spreaded she still said the same thing.

My dog showed no signs of illness and i also looked online at pictures for all dog cancers and only the mammary cancer looked similar to my dogs lumps but they look like big soft lumps and my dog lumps are small hard lumps that never change size.

I only took her to the vets because she had fleas and they just took her never saw her again. i really hope they haven’t got it wrong and they really could be cysts.

Question: My guinea pig is losing weight?

So my 4 and a half year old Guinea Pig had a URI a few months back. We took him to the vet and they gave him antibiotics and recovery food (which he loved). When we went back for a check up whilst he was still on antibiotics, the vet gave us probiotics as he was getting poop jammed in his bum. The probiotics sorted out his stomach problem and he got back to his normal self. The vet then told us that we don’t need antibiotics anymore as the URI has cleared up.

A few days after we stopped the antibiotics his bum started getting blocked again, but he seemed fine, so I just put it down to something that will sort itself out or his age as I know the older boars get muscle problems. (I have had 9 boars)

Today I noticed that he has a dried snot patch round his nose again (as he did with the URI) and has lost a dramatic amount of weight. I have noticed he has been losing it but today was the worst.
I can feel all of his bones and I don’t know why.

He lost weight with the URI and then put it back on when he was clear. He also was struggling to breathe and sneezed a lot and had a snotty nose.
He is eating a lot, he has always eaten a lot more than my other guinea pigs, and he still is. He eats the same amount, if not more!
He doesn’t seem in pain or distressed. He’s my normal little boy.
Except he’s losing weight and I have no idea why.
Can someone please tell me what’s wrong with him or any ideas what could be wrong?
Thank you so much in advance.