Question: I am sually attracted to animals. HELP!!!!!?


Normally animals don’t do anything for my but 2 years ago i got with this girl for a year and she had a cat. during making love the cat would sit at the front of the bed and stare into my soul. after we broke up there was a massive fight over who kept the cat. Sadly I lost and was only able to sal8lvage and image of Figaro (“a sy ginger tabbie cross breed”)
Now when I am with a woman I am only able to climax if there is a cat in the room staring at me and often cant even “get it up”.
why does a cat staring at me the only thing that arouses me when making love to a woman?
Is it like a power thing? I feel powerful when I have a cat staring at me making love?

Question: My puppy isn’t sleeping much through the night which is causing me to be sleep deprived?

she sleeps a lot in the day, she can go 2/3 hours non stop asleep, yet come night time she wakes me up every hour by crying, some times she wants the toilet, others she just wants a cuddle. How can i make her sleep more in the night, i don’t want to force her to stay awake in the day as that’s cruel, and also probably impossible as she just drops off in whatever position she ends up in

Question: Did my cat know he was going to die?

He died last week, but now I think of it, the last few weeks of his life, he was extremely clingy to me. When I wasn’t at collage he would follow me around everywhere I went. He wouldn’t let me out of his sight, he would sit right next to me. and look at me with his big adoring eyes.
The photo attached is one of my favorites, he was such a beautiful kitty.
His death was like a knife to my heart…