Question: Does this boy sound autistic to you?


I recently met a 19 year old boy who’s very….different. Something’s obviously wrong with him, but I don’t know if it’s autism or not and I’m obviously not going to be rude and ask. Here are some things that set him apart from other people:

* His mother is ALWAYS with him, following him around and treating him like a small child because that’s what he acts like. She dresses him and makes all his meals. He can feed himself, but he’s incapable of preparing any food. I’m not sure but I think she also has to bathe him….or at least help him bathe.

* If he isn’t comfortable or is in a bad mood, he’ll just stare at people who talk to him and stay completely mute, even if they ask him a question.


* I’ve seen him have breakdowns in public. He doesn’t flail his hands around or hit himself like the typical autistic person, but he throws fits and starts hysterically screaming and crying. Sometimes he has to be grabbed and restrained until he calms down.

* He’s extremely naive — he has the mentality of a child.

* If he talks to you, it’s like talking to a 7 year old. He tells you things you don’t care about and rambles on and on and on.

Basically, like I’ve said several times, he’s like a child. He isn’t non functioning but he also isn’t high functioning. Like a kid, he has to have help with nearly everything. Does this sound like autism or something else?