Question: This guy pinged my bra?

I’m 15 and went out with my friends shopping. I was wearing a top but it was open at the back. You could see by bra, a black Lacey one. This guy, he looked about 18, he pinged the back of my bra as he was walking behind me. He literally grabbed it and pulled it and let it go so it snapped against my back. I didn’t really know what to say I was so shocked. Why did he do that and what should I have done?

Question: Is this guy just being nice or does he like me?

This guy at my school is in most sports clubs/teams and is somewhat popular. Whenever I’m with my friends and I walk past him he always says hi to me and in lessons he asks me for a pen and help on what to do. Last year, he asked me ‘can I have ur number’ But I knew it was a joke cuz he was laughing and so were the people around him. He doesn’t say hi to my friends, just me..?


Is he just being nice? He also played with his tie (yes my school has uniform) around me and used to look at me. But like I don’t really think anything becuz of it.. I’m not really into him because I already have a crush. Is he being nice or what? I’m not popular or unpopular.. I’m sort of in the middle.

Question: If you’re with someone long enough would you automatically become comfortable with them?

If you start a relationship with someone because they’re a nice person and you enjoy their company would you eventually become comfortable with them? How long would it take to get completely comfortable with them (I mean like to be able to argue with them, fart, burp, talk about your period, just be generally weird) how long does it take to become this close to someone? Also can you get this comfortable with anyone or only specific people? And how do you know that you would be comfortable with the person when you start dating/going out with them?

Question: Do you think if I invite somebody round they will say no and why haven t I been invited over to theirs?

I ve been friends with the same people for months but they ve never invited me round or seen me outside the school. I feel like it s only me who actually wants to see them but I m scared if they come over they won t like it here. I m also scared that they ll accept but don t actually want to come over. Finally, I think they might be fake friends as usually friends want to see each other outside of the school. Help?

Question: Me and my ex…?

Me and my ex was finnaly getting into good things again and was looking foward. She asked me what I done since we’ve been split up for 3momths and I told her honestly. But me being stupid I forgot to tell her another thing(it wasn’t anything major but was talking to a girl who ruined our relationship) and I told honestly and that I did genuinly did forget. But I told her and it didn’t go great. Next day she has said she doesn’t want to talk to me or hear from me again. She’s blocked my number and everything and I can’t get into contact with her. I’ve even went to her door but she didn’t want to talk. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I felt like I was learning from them an changing for the best and was treating her the way she deserved to be treated. But now it’s all gone down the drain… Is there any advice or what should I do because we do truely love each other?

Question: I’ve never been attracted to anyone?

I’m 17 and have literally never been attracted to anyone at all, like all my friends talk about looking at people and feeling attracted to them or knowing someone for a long time and feeling attracted to them…but I’ve never felt attracted to anyone. I’ve never looked at anyone and found them attractive and I’ve also never know anyone who I’ve found attractive. I really want a relationship when I can be completely comfortable with the person but I don’t understand how I can do this when I don’t ever find anyone attractive? How do I know who to be with if I’m never attracted to anyone?