Question: If a guy keeps talking about s but says he would be in a relatonship and treat u right is he still using or miss treating?

so back story we spoke a l lot on facebook and snap chat he told me a lot about him really was very open to talking about himself and letting me in but nearer the end made it clear he wanted to have s with me . we stopped talking shortly afterwoods but that is also parshly the fact he didnt think he could support me or possibly not ready for relatonship
(both virgins both 17)
so ive always wanted to wait till im in a relatonship for it to happen and i was honest and said id probs wanna be in a relationship to have s.Because i know from some of my friends experiences of first times hasnt been that good after the s the guys have tended to go. ( ive had **** experience with guys and dont wanna get hurt or used)
so he messaged me on valintines day saying he missed me etc and he wants me in his bed.However has also asked me questions like after how long of talking would u wanna be official and go out.ALso today when a friend of his messaged me he got jelous and said “your mine”
Hes not the best texter and
he does do weed but i think thats because he does have a bad home life.
there are times i think hes too good for me as he is good looking sometimes i get the **** boy warning signs when he is very sual talk however i also see that their is a softer side like he said if he had s he would get attatched
anyway im confused help 😛

Question: Why physically abusive people worry about your virginity, yet accuse you of sleeping around?

So I am single and 31. I have no problem putting outsiders in their place, but what should I tell my parents. I want to have s and kiss and hug my boyfriend or husband or whoever. I just felt very really sick when they talk like that to me and they made me feel like dirt over some random guy being securely interested in me who wasn’t even my bf. I told them that I didn’t like that. It seems they are discharging their bedroom issues onto me so I told them to speak with a psychologist and I’m done nursing them. I just found it slightly gross.

Question: Single dad? Help!!?

So i have the oppurtunity to become a single father as her mother is wiling to give over full custody. Thing is im absolutley terrified! Also it would mean leaving my job and going back to my.mothers house on benifits, also moving back to a place witch causes me great depression due to my dad commiting suicide there. I dont know what to do for the best, what is best for my daughter? She says she wants to live with me but also she says she wants to live with her mother, and she wants to live with me because i buy her nice things, she is only 5 years old and this is honestly such a tough choice, i have a vast record of depression and mood swings and i dont know if i would be able to cope? And if i didnt agree to this surley im letting my daughter down and giving up on her in a sense? Please help me.