What does violation NAF, CMP and AAF mean on auto insurance policies?


Auto insurance dec page lists violation codes NAF, CM and AAF. What do they mean?


Answers for this question:

Yes, they can.

Vehicle registration for the most part.. is done to earn money for the state to repair roads with. And to keep up with the legal owner of the car, home address.

If the person who is attempting to file the claim actually owns the car in question. But just too lazy to buy the yearly tags… it doesn`t stop them from having a legit claim.


You will need to confirm the effective date that your policy was written. In most cases the policy would be written the date your agent quoted you coverage. Once the policy is written the premium would go back to the effective date. More than likely your first payment will catch up premium back to the month your policy was written.


Accidents and tickets are only added and removed at renewal. In most states tickets stay in your driving record for 3.5 years but can be up to 6. Tickets and accidents are only removed at renewal time also.
To find out the insurance increasment you need to get in contact with your insurance company direct.


Since he had not had the car included on his policy before you wrecked it, no it will not be covered under that policy. The sad fact of the matter is that since you did not have insurance on it at the time, there is no insurance coverage for that vehicle or the other vehicle you hit, (In case you hit another vehicle).


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No sorry, it is your responsibility , and it is the insurance responsibility if you get into an accident.


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You two have to be married to get on his insurance.


Yes, it will go up without attending traffice school.





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    The meaning of these acronyms seems to be a national secret – nobody is defining them clearly and unambiguously, and all the online sites who claim to be able to do so seem to be scams to try to get you to get insurance with them. What a load of bull.